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Be it movies, books, games or even Japanese anime, I love enjoying these creative contents that could blow my mind.

My passion for these things had started since my early childhood. I didn’t even know by then that the things that made my eyes sparkle were the seed of otaku. Kamen Rider Black was the first trigger that made otaku passion seeped into my cells. The local TV aired the show every afternoon, and I would always sit in front of the TV for full half-an-hour to watch the heroic deeds that then-was-so-cool Kamen Rider would bring tho his enemies. My affinity into otaku culture got amplified when the local TV decided to put Sunday morning cartoon marathon, and I have become Doraemon fan ever since.

My pop brought a computer one day to support his works. He mainly used it for typing documents and play virtual chess against AI, but he was kind enough to let his curious children touch and play with the computer. After he showed me and my brother the basics to operate it, we went wild and tried every possibilities that we could think of. Every time we went past a computer store, I would merrily step into the store and beg for games that the store had. I still remember how I got excited playing the original Street Fighter on DOS, or how I felt so happy getting my first SNES console for my birthday. I think my passion for gaming can not be compared to most people, as my need for gaming is equal to breathing.

What followed next from these passions was the appreciation for a good content told in these media. I really enjoy good stories in a movie, cartoon, or even a book. The amount and creativity that the creators poured into a splendid content really moved my heart and influence my perception. There are so much things that one could appreciate and take lessons from a good story. In fact, most of my beliefs and way of thinking are heavily influenced by the ideals of a story that I love.

So here in this blog are my scribbles about the things that I love and matter to me, and I would love to share my thoughts and appreciation to you so we can enjoy them together in the future.

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