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My interests for tech world doesn’t stem far away from my passion of being an otaku. After all, most of the creative works that I love is produced using these amazing technology. It’s no wonder that this would lead to naturally piques my interest to the electronics.

As far as my interest in technology stuff, I must admit that I haven’t graduated from being a consumer of them. I’m still lacking the ability to create or produce a thoughtful gadgets that would contribute to mankind. However, I do read and follow tech news from time to time, that I could give an advice or two to my friends who don’t follow the news as much as I do.

Tech world is also rapidly evolving these days. The cool gadgets that you bought last year could become obsolete today, thanks to the rapid innovation and fierce competition from those who do business in this field. However, this constantly changing environment does have its own charm. Speaking or chatting about tech world is like having an endless conversation with surprises and twists brought by the startups and those big-name companies that aspire to make things easier.

This section is dedicated to anything tech-related that I come across in my daily life. The things that I write here would vary a lot from hardware to software, from gadgets to operating system, or to other cool things that I discovered and might prove to be beneficial for you too.

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