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My current job description often takes me to various places that I have never dreamed about before. Sometimes, I leave for an assignment quite long that I pay utility bills and housing taxes just so they wouldn’t be cut off in my absence. To my surprise, seeing new scenery, discovering new things and experiencing new culture bring a unique excitement that I have never felt before. I feel like my horizon expanded before my eyes from a simple travelling.

As such, I become fond of travelling. Going somewhere else I have never gone before brings me so much excitement and anticipation of the new experience I will get there. The air, atmosphere, the local cuisine or activities I feel on these new lands never fail to inspire me.

During my holiday trip, I would try to arrange my own itinerary without any help from travel agencies. This way I feel like I’m embarking for an adventure and going to a new world, just like the role-playing games I love to play. By imitating how the locals live each day, I could get the feeling that I am indeed in a whole new world and get the mood of those locals that I have only seen through TVs.

The travelling section of my blog consists of these very experiences I had during my trips. The things that I write could vary, from hotel reviews, interesting sight-seeing spots, to tips that I used to survive in the foreign land. These could prove to be helpful for you too!