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Getting rid of AdPop from Telkomsel

This is actually a good news for you who are using data connection from Telkomsel 🙂

You see.. I have been a faithful subscriber of Telkomsel data plan ever since I had my first cellphone. Their coverage is pretty good, offer competitive price, and at least their customer service call center is free to contact unlike another provider I know. That’s what we expect from the biggest cellular provider, right?

However, something has been bugging me for quite some time. When I tried to access a website, I got redirected to see an ad first before actually arriving to my destination. Sure, the advertisement dubbed AdPop didn’t cut my phone credit. But gosh.. Try to see that every time you want to surf the internet. It could be quite annoying, you know 🙁

The AdPop is an advertisement platform from Telkomsel accessible by all of its data plan users. The advertisement would pop up preceding any website you try to access. Telkomsel bears the cost to distribute this advertisement for its users to see. Users, on the other side, have to see this advertisement for a few seconds or can opt to skip the ad by tapping the skip button on the upper right of their screen. This feature is automatically enabled to its users without prior notification or asking consent from its users beforehand.

I tried to be patient at first. I always try to see things from the bright side anyway 🙂 So I endured the extra time to see the ads and patiently wait until my website successfully loaded.. But the last time I waited, it didn’t happen. The ad came quickly to my screen, but nothing happened after the time allotted for the ad expired. I tapped the skip button but again, nothing happened. Tried reloading the website, but no avail. Okay, that was getting frustating..

I normally shrugged it off as it was nothing. Probably the network was overloaded and the quality went south. But after experiencing two days with poor performance, I had to let off some of my steam somehow.

I resorted to tweet my dissatisfaction. And while doing it, I decided why not let Telkomsel know how poor their service was? It was free anyway and everyone could see the it anyway.. So I tweeted

Guess what? I got response from Telkomsel customer service team behind their twitter account! At first I thought their twitter account was for promotional purposes only, but to know that they also respond to customers from a simple tweet is absolutely customer service at another level!

The representative who responded to my tweet asked what data plan I was using. The tweet became a conversation where the representative apologized to me for the inconvenience and offered to disable the AdPop feature on my phone number. What? You can disable that??

Before I knew it, my fingers bypassed my brain and typed, “Yes Please!!!”

It didn’t take long for the representative to submit a service ticket, requesting to disable the AdPop feature from my phone number. I received text notification that the service ticket had been successfully submitted, and then another notification that my AdPop feature was disabled. Horraaayyy!! No more annoying ad!!

From this experience, I learned that I have to be more open expressing my concerns for any problems with any service I receive. This way, they service provider can also learn and improve their service level, right? About the data plan now, I’m not saying any AdPop anymore, and I think the connection quality is getting better also.