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People should start writing AppStore reviews in their respective language

When I read users’ review on the review section of AppStore, I was suprised by how many people who wrote their comments in English even though they are in Indonesian market of AppStore. I think they can write more helpful comments in Bahasa rather than forcing themselves to write in English with just a few words like “Great app!” or “Cool!” in the review section. More importantly, these reviews are mainly read by Indonesian people anyway, so why bother write in English?

The way AppStore structured currently is by segregating and restricting the access of its entire contents sold there by each countries they are available in. AppStore users have to select a country market and register there while providing a valid credit card issued in the same country they are registering. AppStore will reject any registration that includes a credit card number that is issued in a different country from the market it is registering. This way, most users in a certain market will consist of residents from the same country.

Users actually could register to various AppStore market without having to input credit card. There are ways to circumnavigate through the valid payment method submission requirements, but these efforts require deliberate means beyond the straightforward Apple ID creation.

This segregation also applies to the reviews and comments inside AppStore. Reviews and comments inputted in one market will only be visible to people who are logged into the same market. This means unless the user is deliberately logging into another market, the user will stay in the market where he or she registers his or her credit card. Thus, the comments and reviews will most likely be read by people who are speaking the same native language with the one who submit them.

Furthermore, the AppStore will automatically connect to the same country from where your internet connection IP address tells it on the first time. This will likely result in you ending in the AppStore market where most of its users speak the same language as you.

I suspect the tendency to write in English comes from the pressure of default language for contents in most AppStore, which is written in English. English is the official international language and most of best quality apps are originally written in English anyway. Apple hasn’t optimized the interface of most of its AppStore market, including Indonesian, like what they did on select market such as French or Japanese markets who have the UI written in each respective language.

Long ago, I would feel out of the place if I write my comments in Bahasa at a page fully written in English. However, after I understand how Apple designed its platform, I always write them in Bahasa whenever I have the time.

I hope people will start to write reviews that could convey their opinion better and help the community who is actually reading them. And I hope we all could be spared from short or grammatically incorrect English reviews in Indonesian AppStore, in particular.