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Super Evil Mega Corp’s Vain Glory has been released globally

And it’s damn good!

For you who haven’t heard about what Super Evil Mega Corp (the coolest Company name I’ve ever heard, btw) was all about, I’d recommend you to watch the Apple’s iPhone 6 launch event on last September.

This Company was the one featured in Apple Keynote to demonstrate the raw power of its new Metal API that is promised to unleash better graphics performance on iOS device. The game featured by them? Vain Glory, a multiplayer online battle arena (or MOBA for short) game optimized for touch device.

Vain Glory follows the exact route of what makes a MOBA games exciting. If you are a DoTA or LoL veterans, you won’t find anything new from this game. The game offers battle between heroes of two factions to destroy the giant crystal in respective home base. Up to six players can participate in a battle of 3 versus 3 simultaneously. There are 9 playable heroes currently and tons of items to upgrade your character stats or skills. Classic, isn’t it?

World of Vain Glory

While there is certainly nothing new here, the two years that developers spent to create this game is truly far from vain as the title suggests. The game is surprisingly fun and exciting, even when it is played on a tablet PC. The game flows very smooth and the graphics are just fantastic. The controls are simple and responsive, the thing that you’d normally yearn to have on a mobile game app. I could safely say that developers did a damn great job in perfecting the gameplay and visual of Vain Glory. The quality of this game is on par, or even better, with the ones you can find on PC.

The greatest feat of all? It’s completely free! Vain Glory doesn’t cost even a penny to download. You won’t find any in-app purchases in the game, so you can rest easy and compete purely on skill with other players. You won’t even find those annoying advertisements in the game that can disrupt your gaming experience here. This is truly one of those rare moments where an AAA-rated game can be played totally free.

Vain Glory Gameplay 01

Vain Glory Gameplay 02

The only downside is you need to have constant internet connection when playing this game. The game doesn’t support offline battle and currently there is no BOTs or AIs for you to play with. I experienced an awkward error where my hero didn’t want to smack the enemies before the game abruptly logged out when I played on poor cellular connection. I guess my other team members were pretty upset when I accidentally got disconnected from the game.

We can expect the developers to continue adding more heroes and contents to the game in the future. After all, this game is their first game ever and they have shown that they can make great experience from the start.

Don’t waste your time, go to AppStore and download this game! And make sure you play it on a reliable internet connection.

P.S.: I’d love to play with you all! Add qbeecle on your friends list!