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Three summer 2014 anime (that I watched) recap

This has been another wonderful summer we had in 2014. There were as many as 36 new TV anime titles in this season alone. Although I’d love to watch as many as I could, time was the only thing that I was lacking to watch them all. Thus,  this is three anime titles that I had the occasion to watch and actually enjoyed watching them.

Btw, just to inform you beforehand. My taste in anime genre is primarily slice-of-life that involves comedy and a bit drama. I also watch fantasy or gore anime, but only the good ones. And lastly, I’m a sucker for kawaii anime girls (^ ^’)

I will try my best to not spoil the story for you 🙂

1. Hanayamata

The story revolves around six high school girls who are passionate about yosakoi dance. Despite having different backgrounds and personaiities, they work together hand in hand to start a new club and overcome various obstacles to realize their dream of sharing the joy to the public through yosakoi.

What made me interested in this anime is the story that included a never ending passion to achieve one’s goal. The story, though predictable, is surprisingly heart warming and emphatic. Sometimes the protagonist would constantly whine and pity herself, but this was minor compared to the relationship story between these girls that cheered one another.

Madhouse made a fantastic job of infusing bright and colorful color into the anime. Unlike their other works that I have watched, this anime has smooth and dreamy colors like a palette of water painting. I think you’ll also love it when you watch it yourself.

Oh.. I almost forget.. The girls are very cute indeed 😉

Pros: Cute girls!; Fantastic art style in a TV anime; Heart warming story and characters
Cons: Predictable plot; Constant whining of the low esteemed protagnist


2. Sword Art Online (SAO) 2

This is the continuation of highly successful SAO anime that ran two seasons the last time it went on air. The story is an adaptation of hugely popular light novel that was originally self published online. Although I have yet read the original novel series, I’ve been watching all of the anime since the first episode and I’m eager to follow the series continuation.

SAO 2 story picks up right after the ending of its second season. Kirigaya Kazuto, the original protagonist, is back and has been living a normal life outside the MMORPG world. He got recruited by a government officer to investigate a strange incident in another MMORPG game where several of its players are mysteriously died when got shot in the MMORPG world.

The art style of SAO 2 hasn’t changed from the first episode. It still follows the same high-quality production with action-packed scenes and thrilling drama in it. I like how the producer switch between fast-paced episodes where the protagonist has to battle other online game players and when he is contemplating about his traume or helping other players from getting killed. I was entertained to guess how the criminal could pull off his murder scheme, which is finally revealed later at ending episodes.

Pros: Solid art and narrative that delivers good viewing experience; Action-packed anime complemented with good drama
Cons: Some episodes are cut at awkward timing


3. Tokyo Ghoul

I picked this anime only after it had finished airing on TV, and I didn’t regret it. Tokyo Ghoul is surprisingly thrilling and amusing, though in a sick way..

The premise in this anime places human living side-by-side with creatures called ghouls who feed on human flesh and blood to survive. The ghouls look exactly like a human and can not be distinguished easily. They can not eat “normal” food or beverage due to their different taste buds. Eating them would make ghouls vomit and weaken their physical health. Curiously, only one drink that can be savored by human and ghouls, which is coffee.

Our protagonist was a normal human being until one day he got converted to become a ghoul against his own will. He is fighting his consciousness as a human while his body needs is the same as ghouls’. You will see blood splatters all over the place as a normal thing in this anime. The anime also incorporates unique censorship that turns all color in the scene to become alpha crossed so you’d not get sick watching blood splatters everywhere.

I felt a rare sympathy watching the protagonist trying to maintain his sanity while refusing to kill humans to survive. Not having watch the original manga, I could only guess where the story would progress next, as the first 14 episodes of this anime left me in the middle of a developing story. I’m definitely watching the second season should it exist in the future.

Pros: Full of gore and twisted morals (for those who like it, of course); Creative censorship method that makes viewing much enjoyable
Cons: The story left us just when it is finally reaching the completion of an arc; Sometimes you’ll get annoyed of the protagonist indecisiveness

  • Si Gago

    Thank you for the recommendation Gan. Will certainly watch SAO 2 and Tokyo Ghoul looks promising too. BTW, Have you watched Aldnoah.Zero? — Good mecha anime (after Code Geass).

    • Great! I hope you will like them too 🙂

      I haven’t watched any mecha anime lately. The last mecha anime I watched was Evangelion 3.0 the movie last year. Will definitely check Aldnoah.Zero soon!