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The Walking Dead season 5 starts strong from the very beginning

It has started again, folks!

The craze for survival in the post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead has started its fifth season last week. The story picks up from where it was left at the ending of fourth season when most of its casts was reunited once again at the so-called haven Terminus.

Truthfully, I was expecting the story would pick up slow in the beginning since Rick and friends were kept captive in the compound, but I’m happy that I was wrong. Things quickly escalated and I was delighted with the immediate gore and action that made The Walking Dead famous in the first place.

I’m also relieved that the director has spared most of the major casts in here. I can watch how each character develops and becomes a solid group with each own roles. It’s amazing to see how bad-ass Maggie, Carl or even Tyresse become, and how ruthless Rick and Daryl can be that they’d do literally anything to keep the group safe.

Overall, I’m expecting another action-packed series of The Walking Dead this season, as the second half of season four took a softer tone when the group was split apart and trying to regroup. It has shown a promising beginning, after all.

The Walking Dead is broadcasted every Sunday on AMC in the U.S. It doesn’t take long before it is shared and spread throughout the globe thanks to the wonders of internet these days. I’m definitely following their quest again in this future!