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Cheng Hoo mosque, a legacy of a Chinese adventurer

Way back during the exploration era in the 15th century, a Chinese admiral once set sail westward to spread the influence of Chinese empire to the world. The emperor ordered a moslem admiral named Cheng Ho to lead the fleet and make contact with other civilizations outside China mainland. This fleet passed through Indonesia and harbored in Surabaya to visit Majapahit.

Although this story took place centuries ago, its legacy can be seen even until now. To commemorate admiral Cheng Ho visit to Surabaya, a Chinese moslem community built a mosque named after the admiral. The mosque is located in the center of Surabaya city and has a distinct look when compared to other mosque, since it adopts Chinese architecture unlike others that incorporate middle-east aesthetics to the building.

Cheng Hoo Mosque

Cheng Hoo mosque

The building is located in Jl Gading, right beside a tall building of Chinese moslem community. It is easy to miss the mosque since it is literally dwarfed by the adjacent building. Only about a hundred people can fit into the mosque alone, but the basketball courts in front of it could be converted with carpets to accomodate prayers during mass prayers session such as during Friday Prayer, increasing its capacity to easily a thousand people.



It is a good place to meet your Creator and relive the history that shaped Surabaya city as it is now.