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Getting back my driver license at the court

I woke up late last week and had to rush to the office or I would be late. In my rush, I didn’t pay much attention to the traffic signs on the road. The traffic light had just gone red but I thought I could still make it safely to the other side, but I was wrong. One police officer saw what I did and he ordered me to pull to the side of the road. Crap, obviously I’d be fined. The officer greeted me then asked for my pink slip and my driver license. After a bit of discussion, he asked how I would like to settle my violation. The officer told me that should I settle it on the spot, I would have to hand him a hundred thousand rupiah, or face maximum fine up to seven times the amount he asked me. I sensed no use in haggling with the officer, and I could not trust my money would be stored in state funds by him anyway, so I told him to keep my driving license and I’d pick it personally at the court. Disappointed (yup, he was THAT obvious), he handed me the ticket and told me to show up at the trial on Jalan Arjuna a week after the incident. Fast forward to the trial date. I showed up 30 minutes earlier than the trial schedule. The trial started at 9 a.m., but by the time I arrived at the court, other traffic violators had already swarming the trial room. I didn’t know exactly what I should do, and I didn’t want to use any middlemen (or famous being called as calo) in the process. I decided to do follow the process myself. Here’s what I did:

I needed to find in what room my trial would be held. There were several trial rooms and each trial held the trial based on your ticket number. Since I was not sure where I should go, I asked the information desk lady who pointed me to the correct trial room. There was also an employee that stood near the entrance gate that helped me show the directions to my trial room.

Surabaya Regional Court

After arriving at the court room, I had to queue somehow with the other people. Turned the queue system was pretty traditional. A box had been set up near the entrance door of the room. I had to put my ticket inside the box along with the others’.

Surabaya Regional Court

Next was waiting until my name got called. There was no sound system whatsoever to amplify the court call. I had to concentrate to hear my call in the middle of loud jeer and cheer from the other people or my name would be called again at the end of the queue line should I miss acknowledge my presence whan got called. I heard my name got called and confirmed my presence just fine. Then I was told to go to another room to pay my fine and get my license back.

Surabaya Regional Court

It was another queue line at the cashier. I had to wait until my name got called and pay the amount I was asked. It was pretty simple actually, but there was no queue system whatsoever and the officer only called once, so I had to peel my ears open.

Surabaya Regional Court And that was all I had to do to get my license back. The whole process took approximately one hour from start to finish. I was only asked to pay forty thousand instead of a hundred thousand that the police officer had asked me on the spot. It wasn’t hard, but I had to be extra patient with all the discomforts at the court. I personally prefer not to give any police officer money directly. I’d rather pay the court or transfer to the state bank account rather than giving money to officer. But everyone has their own preference, right? Hope that helps!