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Bebek Sinjay opens its second branch in Surabaya

If you enjoy eating rustic fried duck delicacy, good chance that you have heard of (or even eaten at) a food joint called Bebek Sinjay. The restaurant has earned its fame that even made most Surabaya people I am acquainted to don’t mind going back and forth across to its original restaurant in Madura island just to have a taste of its signature bebek kremes (or crispy fried duck, sort of..) dish. To everyone’s delight, the restaurant has decided to open several branches outside Madura, being the latest branch opens this November on Jalan Ahmad Yani near Taman Pelangi. Just turn left on Jemursari Raya right before the railtrack, the place is in the house-office complex at the left side of the road.

Bebek Sinjay 01

They only have one menu, though: bebek kremes. But who cares about other menu if their only dish is soooooo delicious? The tenderness of its meat and the tanginess of its spicy sambal pencit remain the same with the ones cooked in the original restaurant. This is no surprise since all of their meal here is actually cooked in the same kitchen in Madura and got transported all the way to the newly opened branch to be served to the customers. Looks like they have strict quality control, eh?

Bebek Sinjay 02

Bebek Sinjay 03

They put the same procedure to dine in here. First you have to queue to order and pay for it. Your order will be written on a piece of paper after you pay and then you take the paper to collect your meal. You just have to find an empty seat to enjoy your meal afterwards. I think the place can fit as much as thirty to forty people max. Since I went not long after it opened, the place was still pretty much empty and I could easily order my food minus the queue 🙂

One set of bebek kremes and bottled tea cost me about IDR 24,000. Extra helpings of sambal pencit are free of charge, I just had to bring my plate to the counter and the waitress gladly added a few spoonful sambal. I had to tell her that I already have enough or she’d just put another on my plate (^ ^’). With a price this much, I think it’s pretty affordable and they will handle more customers in the future once the place is known to lots of people.

Be warned, though. Since they don’t cook the meal there, thus I figured they don’t have much portions to be served there. Currently they don’t accept deliveries either, so someone has to go there and buy the meal on the spot. They have a dedicated cellphone number though, for reservations and bookings stuff, or just to make sure that they still have enough portions to be served at your gathering.

Bebek Sinjay 05

Bebek Sinjay 06

Bebek Sinjay Ahmad Yani branch opens from morning until 9 p.m., or until the stock last. Given its popularity, I don’t think they have to open their business until late at night, so if you are craving for some bebek kremes I’d suggest you come early 😉