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Singapore Short Trip – Day 3, Perfume World Tour 3

The last day of my short trip to Singapore was the highlight of the trip. After all, the trip to the country of Merlion was solely decided for this purpose alone. It was none other to see my favorite electro-pop trio from Japan performing live. It was for Perfume World Tour 3!

I have been a fan of Perfume ever since I discovered their live performance footage in youtube nearly five years ago. The song they performed, Puppy Love, struck a chord in my brain that refused to settle down for a long time. The music was not the only thing, though. The three ladies who performed their dance routine gracefully in high heels also caught my attention.

I began to search about these lovely ladies and learn that they are a group of three, consisting of A-chan, Kashiyuka and Nocchi, which together make Perfume, an electro-pop group from Hiroshima who apparently quite popular in Japan. One thing led to another, the video I watched had these links beside it that led to their other performances. I tried to check several of them and surprisingly, I liked them all! It didn’t take a long time before I started to search for their stuff on internet, and thus I delved myself deeper and deeper into Perfume fandom.

Which led to the Perfume World Tour 3 in Singapore. I got really excited when they announced that they would once again visit Singapore in their third worldwide concert. I was pretty sad when I could not come to their first gig there in 2012. I told myself back then, should I have the chance in the future, I would hesitate no more and make time no matter what.

The venue for their second gig was different from the first one. This time they would perform in a theatre instead of a live house. The venue, Sentosa World Theatre, could house around fifteen hundred people inside. I had been skeptical at first about the venue since I thought enjoying their live concert on a venue with seating arrangements was plainly ridiculuous. The only option to fully enjoy them has to be standing while dancing and jumping to your heart’s content! Nonetheless, I decided to buy the ticket anyways so I could cross one bullet point from my a-hundred-things-to-do-before-I-die list.

The ticket was sold solely by a Singaporean online ticket agent SISTIC. This was my first time buying an international concert ticket, let alone buying from them. Apparently, they had some experience selling concert tickets that they had braced themselves to handle a horde of Perfume fans flocking to their website on the selling date. They already told visitors to their site that they were expecting some access slowdown as Perfume fans would flock their servers trying to secure tickets, and boy the were right.

I hit the refresh button repeatedly on the time of the sale and had to bear with long loading time as my browser frantically trying to retrieve data from their server. I had no idea how they would handle the seating plan, until I sucessfully access the reservation page. Turned out they only offered two options of seating arrangements per successful access. I got offered seatings quite far from the stage, but located right at the center, or another one that was located a bit on the left side in the second row from the front. As the time was ticking out, I didn’t get to think much and chose the latter option. I feared that I had chosen the wrong option there..

Fast forward to the D-Day. I had planned to arrive at the venue in the morning as the queue line for their official merchandise started far earlier than the concert itself. I arrived a bit late but luckily two of my friends from Indonesia Perfume Fans had already queued there so I could ask their favor to buy an extra t-shirt for me. I heard the price of official Perfume merchandise and tickets in Singapore was the most expensive ones than the other venues in World Tour 3. I’m not sure about this, but paying around SGD 230 for a VIP ticket and a shirt did put a hole on my wallet 🙁

Indonesia Perfume Fans

Unlike the other venues in U.S. or U.K, we didn’t have to queue to enter the theatre since each of us had been assigned to a seat number on our ticket. Fans could just stand and gather wherever they like in front of the venue without having to worry that they would get bad position inside. I met with various people from Singapore and the neighboring countries, as well as fans from Japan, Australia, and even as far as France there. We could casually chat while waiting for the show to start at seven in the night.

I grew anxious yet excited as the time to start the show drew nearer and nearer. It was already past six in the afternoon that the the door got opened and we were welcomed to come inside. Sure enough, the place got filled with people quickly. I walked to my seat in the second row from the front, and I was glad I chose that seat instead of the other option back then. The seat was literally right dead in front of the stage! The distance from my seat to the stage was only a half meter with nothing that separated us. There were no partitions, barricades nor security officer between the stage and the crowd that I often see in other concerts.

Perfume SG 02

The Japanese fans that were watching beside me couldn’t help but telling their amazement of how unthinkable they could watch Perfume concert so close. They said there was no way they could see that close to a popular Japanese artist if they watched in their home country. I was deeply impressed at how much Perfume and team trusted their fans that we would do no such thing to ruin the excitement. I mean, if I would, I could just hop onto the stage and hug the ladies during their concert!

Then the clock landed on seven p.m. The excitement filled the entire theatre. Fans started clapping in unison and called for Perfume nonstop. I joined in the calling until my palms became so red from clapping as hard as i could. When the lights dimmed and a silhouette of my favorite girls appeared behind the curtain, my exictement limit went off the ceiling. It was show time!

Perfume SG 01

To tell you the truth, I didn’t remember much about the set list nor the sequence of their show that much. I was intoxicated. I sang along, I danced, I jumped, I called for them nonstop, I was enjoying every bit of my time very much that everything else felt nothing. It was as if they brought me to a different dimension where there were nothing beside excitement and passion. Luckily, there were some articles on internet that let me relive the experience like the one JPopAsia wrote.

I had watched most of their live recordings, but seeing live gave me a completely different amazement. I knew that there were only the three of them performing on the stage. While performing on a stage with a minimum people could feel empty, their performance was far from it. Their routine, complemented with the amazing effect from laser beams, projection mapping, and other effects made their performance so lively and beyond expectations!

What amazed me most was, of course, the girls themselves. Call me disillusioned but I found them ten times prettier when seen with my own eyes. They stood only two to three meters in front of me on eye level. They were very friendly, warming, and personal to us fans. A-chan even gave a high-five to one audience in front row during the show! I could tell that they had been practicing English quite hard to communicate with us international fans. However, they were best when they could communicate to heir heart’s content in their native language.

Perfume SG 03

The two hours I spent in their concert was completely magical. I got absorbed by their flawless performance and passion. Their song, Dream Fighter, resonated with my conscience that made me want to go better with my own life. I was also able to meet with new friends from other countries to share our love to the girls. This definitely has been an amazing event in my life that I will cherish forever 🙂