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Hilarious anime that I missed, Amagi Brilliant Park

With the quantity of anime titles that Japanese animation studios dish each season, it’s no wonder if I missed some anime that got released in the past. I mean, I got to allocate my limited yet precious time to do other productive activities other than simply watching anime all day, right?

This one is no exception either. I was completely oblivious to the existence of an anime titled Amagi Brilliant Park, until I came across to a doujin of it on the internet. I’ve always been a sucker for a hilarious anime filled with cute girlies, and this one definitely hits all the good spots of my humor nerve.

Amagi Brilliant Park | Artwork 01

Amagi Brilliant Park, or simply nicknamed AmaBuri by Japanese anime fans, tells a story of a highschooler Kanie Seiya who out of nowhere got asked to become a manager of one theme park by his class mate. The theme park, Amagi Brilliant Park, is one sad theme park in verge of bankruptcy due to mismanagement and dwindling visitor number. The theme park has to be closed in the next three months and its operational rights to be handed to a partner property company unless its visitor number get past the predefined number of 500,000 visitors as stated in the contract. Apparently Kanie Seiya was a former child prodigy with an outstanding intelligence that the owner of this park thinks they could rely upon. However, he is lacking the motivation to do almost anything out of his comfort zone.

What follows after this absurd setting is quite unexpected. His female classmate who coerced him into taking the role of manager, Sento Isuzu, turned out to be a descendant from a knight family from a fairy world. She comes to earth to accompany their princess, Latifa Fleuranza, who has to flee from their world and live on earth for some particular reason. The other employees of the theme park also came from the same fairy world to live in the theme park and harness people’s happiness for their live energy.

What makes AmaBuri very interesting is the personality of its entire cast that always has some weird twist and makes them more human. Take Moffle for example. The main mascot of this theme park has great work ethics and very good dealing with visitors of the park. However, he goes berserk whenever he got called as rip-off. If you ever watched Full Metal Panic Fumoffu before, you’ll get where this idea came from since he looks very familiar with Bonta. It’s actually no surprise since the author of AmaBuri light novel series, Shuji Gatoh, is the same author who wrote Full Metal Panic novels. Or take Toriken, the triceratops mascot that also in charge of AmaBuri sales department. He is very hardworking and diligent, but he just couldn’t help himself drooling around beautiful women.

Amagi Brilliant Park | Artwork 02

All of AmaBuri cast has their own flaws and shortcomings, but that is why this anime is so much fun to watch. I could feel their hardships and determination to turn things around and help their princess. Some things don’t come out like they hoped and they had to deal with it in anyway they could. Sacrifices had to be made, but none of them were pouting and complaining. All of them take the challenges and together they overcome the wall facing them, all while having fun and doing absurd things.

This anime has total 13 episodes that got finished airing early 2015. The main story arc ended in its twelfth episode while the thirteenth episode was mainly an additional story. Each episode was written and directed gorgeously with amazing animation to complement them. However, I still think they rushed the ending to come early since there are still a lot of areas that can be explored to make the story more interesting without making it feels stretched.

If you are looking for a refreshing yet hilarious anime, I totally recommend watching AmaBuri right now 🙂