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Can’t stop dancing with the upcoming Persona 4 rhytm game soundtrack

Atlus just published another trailer on its official youtube channel showcasing the upcoming Persona 4 spin-off game. The game, Persona 4: Dancing All Night, has absolutely nothing to do with the story from its original RPG game, except for its characters. It is another rhytm game based on the popular Persona 4 game that got released years ago on Playstation 2. As absurd as the concept goes, is it any good compared to other handful dancing games already out in the market?

While I can’t say much about the gameplay yet, one crucial point of the game does receive a high mark: its music. Any rhytm game requires great music collection at its disposal to make any gamer actually enjoy the experience. After all, the enjoyable experience from a good rhytm game is always based from how good its music collection is. I’m happy that this upcoming game carries the great tradition of Persona 4 that also had great and groovy soundtracks.

I have been a fan of Persona 4 original game as well as its spin-offs. Music is one of my primary reasons why I love them. Its soundtracks always have this bright feeling with the upbeat tempo and cheerful voice accompanying the music. While this iteration still has the same chronic mistakes of odd use of English words and grammar, the music is still nevertheless great to hear and dance into. This truly proves that music can transcend across language barriers and boundaries.

With that being said, Persona 4: Dancing All Night will be available in Playstation Vita sometime in this year. I believe we can expect great gameplay since the guys who made lovely Persona 4 music and the guys behind the ever successful Hatsune Miku project Diva are developing this game.

In the meantime, let’s just enjoy the music (and hoping that they’ll release an OST album out of this!)