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These Four Things in Resident Evil Revelations 2 Made Me Feel Nostalgic to Its Classic Series

I have always considered myself a big fan of Resident Evil series. Heck, I even grow up by following the adventures of S.T.A.R.S members fighting Umbrella Corp and other bio-terrorists for turning living beings into hideous-man-eating carnivores. Although I don’t play all of its series, I always try to play what I can get or watch somebody play it on YouTube. This has been the case for its latest iteration too, released in February 2015.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 is the latest sequel in Resident Evil universe. After being forgotten for so-damn-long-that-I-already-forgot years, Claire Redfield is back being the protagonist of the story. It has been six years since the incident in Resident Evil: Code Veronica, where she had been kidnapped to Rockfort Island and then escaped with a plane just to crash at South Pole. Now, she is an important member of TerraSave organisation whose aim is to help people suffering in the midst of bio-terrorist warfare. She is joined with Barry Burton’s daughter, Moira Burton, who is now twenty years old and a new member of TerraSave. In fact, Resident Evil Revelations 2 story starts in a party where Moira joins TerraSave for the very first day.

While Resident Evil Revelations 2 certainly offers many new aspects to its gameplay, it’s not the one I wanted to share with you guys in this post. What I want to share this time relates to the few things I noticed during its gameplay that took my memories to its classic series. Capcom has inserted several specific things in the game, whether intentionally or unintentionally, that have uncanny similarities to some specific scenes or refer to certain conversation in the past. I believe this is their effort to make the story intertwined with each other and make it more interesting to its fans. While some works, several also felt forced and lack of creativity.

Without further ado, these are four things I noticed in Resident Evil Revelations 2 that made my brain flash backwards to its classic series. Did you notice them too?

WARNING: the following article contain SPOILERS for you who haven’t played it yet. If you plan to play this game and want to see how the story unfold yourself, I suggest you come back here AFTER you’ve finished the first episode.

Claire Got Kidnapped… Again?

If I had to point someone who didn’t learn from his/her mistakes or just happened to have incredibly bad luck, Claire Redfield would be among my top list of these people (which of course, myself is included in the list too ^ ^’).

The first cinematic opening we see in Resident Evil Revelations 2 involves Claire and Moira in a party organised by TerraSave. The party had been merry and cheerful, until the place suddenly went dark. The darkness was followed by spotlights and helicopters crashing into the party, along with armed guys threatening all of the partygoers. It didn’t take long before one of these armed guys knocked Claire out of her consciousness and kidnapped her. When she woke up, she found herself in a jail once again.

Wait.. Haven’t I seen these scenes already before?

Turns out, this deja vu sensation I had watching this scene wasn’t baseless after all. The opening scene of Resident Evil Revelations 2 have many similarities with the one in Resident Evil: Code Veronica, originally released for Dreamcast almost a decade ago. To name a few, both of these scenes involve spotlight, helicopter, armed guys, Claire got knocked out and then woke up in a jail. You’ll be amazed how similar these cutscenes if you compare the movie above in Resident Evil Revelations 2 with the one below from Resident Evil: Code Veronica.

When You’re in Need, You Can Always Count on Your Family

When Claire got stranded on Rockfort Island in Resident Evil: Code Veronica, his brother Chris immediately came to her rescue. Leon tipped him the information about Claire whereabouts, and he went to the island alone using a boat. I had mixed feelings seeing him came to help his sister. Part of me applaud his courage for going alone to a doomed island, but part of me also question him why he didn’t tell Claire in the first place so she wouldn’t have to be kidnapped.

Now six years later (inside Resident Evil universe, of course), history seems to repeat itself once again. Instead of Chris, now it is Barry’s turn to man up and go to an isolated island to help his daughter who got kidnapped alongside Claire in the party. To no surprise, he also came to the island using a boat after receiving distress call from Moira through radio waves. What coincidence!

I mean, c’mon Capcom. I believe you can do much better than using two old plots in a single episode, let alone in one game.

We Almost Got Claire Sandwich This Time!


Something bad almost happened to Claire inside the prison. When Moira turned the power on, Claire was stuck inside trash compactor facility and almost got crushed. Luckily, she was quick-witted enough to escape from this bad predicament. When Moira asked Claire how she was, she responded “I was almost a Claire Sandwich.”

Fun fact: what she meant by ‘Claire Sandwich’ refers to an old conversation between Barry and Jill in the original Resident Evil. When Claire got locked in a room with a descending ceiling, she was almost crushed if Barry had not helped her from outside. The following conversaation between them was an absurd and cheesy one, where Barry jokingly said to Jill, “You are almost a Jill Sandwich in there”. The corny conversation receives widespread attention from all Resident Evil fans, and ‘Jill Sandwich’ became a noun that fans could never forget.

Barry Turns Out to be a Master of Unlocking Too!

Resident Evil Revelations 2 | Master of Unlocking

During his quest to save Moira, Barry encountered a gate locked with chains all over it. He managed to open it by force through an unusual methods. After he had opened the gate, he proudly exclaimed, “Who’s the master of unlocking now, huh!”.

Once again, his exclamation rooted to a conversation between him and Jill in the original Resident Evil. He gave a lockpick to Jill before both of them started to search Spencer Mansion for clues and escape route. He told Jill that the lockpick was better handled by a master of unlocking, which he referred to Jill. His expression in Resident Evil Revelations 2 proves that he is also quite resilient and won’t lose to Jill when facing locked gateways.

So those are four things that made me feel nostalgic to Resident Evil classics. Given my limited brain capability, there ought to be some things that I missed in the game that refer to its older series. Do you also know something that could link the story into the classic Resident Evil? Would be cool if you share it here too, guys!

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