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Inside Out Offers an Interesting Take to Human Psychology, Which Turns Out Fantastic!

One of the joy I’m looking forward to with much anticipation each year is watching a Pixar movie in summer. I have much love for every movies they made, ever since I watched the original Toy Story back in 1995.

However, this has not always been the case in recent years. Their latest film, Monster University,  though was not bad at all by any standard, didn’t quite possess the magic that I found in their preceding films. My high expectation was partly because of their own doing from releasing one fantastic movie after another such as Finding Nemo and Up.

Much to my dismay, Pixar didn’t release any movie at all in 2014. It seemed that they couldn’t come up with a movie that meet their already high requirements. After receiving so many critics in the preceding year, I think they decided to postpone the project altogether rather than release a movie that they weren’t satisfied with.

And thus, we arrive on today with their latest movie Inside Out. It is another brand new setting and characters that don’t rely on their past glory. Personally, I like this approach better than simply doing sequels.

Inside Out Meet The Gang - Screenshot

Inside Out tells a story about tiny figures that live inside human’s head. These tiny figures represent emotions that human feel, such as joy, sadness, anger, disgust, and fear. In fact, these kinds of emotion are also their very name.

Apparently all the emotions felt by humans is done by these lovely figures. Joy is responsible for happiness, Sadness is the one who make you cry, and so on. Although these figures often don’t agree with each other, all of them still hope the best for the human where they live in.

While I won’t go for details about the plot (you’ll have to watch it by yourself), I can tell you that Inside Out offers an interesting take to look at any human’s psychology. Every person is unique, and each has a very good reason why they are different with the others.

Inside Out Meet Andersen Family - Screenshot

Even for a person who don’t know much about psychology, I still learned a lot just by watching Inside Out. This movie taught me about the concept of personality, passion, and other things that I often overlooked every day. I feel like I know more about a person know after watching the latest Pixar movie.

Pixar is notorious for making films with heartwarming and tear-jerking scenes, and Inside Out is not an exception. The film is filled with hearwarming scenes and fond memories of childhood. While the movie is suitable for all ages, I think teenagers and adult who have a lot more life experience can appreciate this movie better.

Despite all the good things that Pixar did with Inside Out, I still think that they made some poor shortcuts with the story. Some story took an abrupt turn that made the plot end prematurely. I think these scenes can be told differently that would make them much impactful.

With that being said, I think this movie is still another great leap ahead from PIxar. This movie justifies why they were absent a year ago. And better yet, Pixar will also release another movie later this year, The Good Dinosaur. Can’t wait til December comes!